“I have been receiving botox from Fiona for nearly 3 years now and I have to say she is the best I have ever gotten it off. So much so when people ask how I look so young and I tell them to visit her they come back completely happy and are now ongoing customers of Fiona. My sister travels from London to have her botox done from Fiona as she found mine looked so natural compared to what was on offer in London. I would highly recommend a visit to Fiona if you are unhappy with your current doctor or are thinking of having your first botox treatment done. Fiona is honest with you and always makes you feel comfortable and relaxed when having your treatment. Botox should make you look fresh and rejuvenated not like you are frozen and with Fiona this is always the end result.”

L. Maguire

“I have been using Fiona for the last year if not longer. I have had botox in other places however the results were nothing like what I could clearly see after only a few days with Fiona.

She now knows exactly what I want and I feel I’m getting more time between treatments (i.e lasting longer). Most importantly, Fiona (Dr. Crotty) is professional yet very personable, and always makes me feel at ease and comfortable.”

N. Taylor